Ethernet bridge


An Ethernet network bridge is a device which connects two different local area networks together. Both networks must connect using the same Ethernet protocol. Bridges can also be used to add remote computers to a LAN. Many bridges can connect multiple computers or other compatible devices with or without wires.

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Ethernet Bridges are wireless radios that can be used to extend a wireless network to an Ethernet switch or hub (which can be used to extend connectivity to multiple wired devices). Ethernet bridges can also be used to connect any device with an Ethernet port such as a Tivo, Xbox, or even a computer to the wireless network without having to install drivers or client software. This is a great solution for use with Mac OS and Linux computers, where drivers may be limited and more difficult to find.

Another benefit of using a wireless bridge is that since it uses wired Ethernet to deliver bandwidth to the client, you can extend the cat5 cable to its maximum segment length of 100 meters and still get connectivity. In theory, by using a Power over Ethernet (PoE) injector, you can send power over the Ethernet data cable as well and place the bridge as far away as 328 feet.

There are two common types of Ethernet bridges. One is the wi-fi bridge, which is used to connect a computer to a network without wires and without a network adapter. Another type is the powerline Ethernet bridge, which uses a building’s electrical system to connect remote computers.


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